Friday, 28 August 2015


Here’s a picture of me and my good mate Nick (I’m the handsome one). We’ve been friends since we were eleven I think, and in that time we’ve shared plenty of gaming experiences. After I mentioned my brother in my last blog post, Nick went totally skitz and demanded that he get a mention as well, owing to his recommendations during the mid to late nineties being the reason I got into PC gaming in the first place.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Mafia 3

Moodily monologuing and driving his way into our lives, straight out of Gamescom 2015 comes Lincoln Clay, Vietnam war veteran and up and coming crime lord of 1968 New Orleans.

Saturday, 8 August 2015


Ok, this is going to be a big one.

Anyone who knows me, especially my fellow gaming friends, would be able to tell you what my favourite game of all time is. Being brought up on a steady diet of first person shooters and strategy games, the role playing genre never really grabbed me. I couldn’t get my head around spending skill points, the abundance of lore in these games, and a control system that was totally alien to me.

The Dungeon Keeper Series

“You know that downy soft piece of furniture in the next room? It has the power to cure fatigue and restore vitality…”

That I can remember that quote from a game released in 1999 is testament to the unexpected level of humour this series was imbued with. The game was dungeon keeper 2, and that particular phrase was said directly to you as the player if you played the game past midnight. It was one of a series of hilarious quips the game would throw at you, on the hour every hour after midnight.

“One of your imps does a great impression of you. He can even do the ears.”


This article was originally written for the lads over at Retro, Mate.

So for my first post for Retro, Mate, I had to have a good think about what game I wanted to cover. Deus Ex has been analysed to death, although I’m sure I’ll have a pop at that at some point in the future. Same for System Shock 2, between them those games created the intelligent shooter as a genre and are personal favourites of mine which i’ll still play to this day. I considered doing Half Life, Kingpin, Blood, Duke Nukem 3D or Quake but pretty much realised that while I want to cover all those titles at some point, I’d probably be best off going right back to the top of the family tree, the pioneer that took the formula laid out by Wolfenstein and innovated it to the point that it jump started the first person shooter genre, established it’s developers id software as an industry heavyweight and spawned a legacy that is still felt today through sequels and mods.

From The Archive - Was Anyone Else Disappointed With GTA 4?

This post was first uploaded here all the way back on 22 Jun 2008. It was just a forum post on the escapist, but it garnered over 10,000 views so I thought it'd be ok to repost it as an article. I'm certainly not just trying to pad out my new blog with any old shit, no way sir.

I'm probably going to die in a hail of flame for this, but did anyone find the GTA 4 experience a little disappointing? Firstly I'd like to say that I've played, completed and still own every GTA since the very first one, I'm a computer games design student, And I've just completed the main mission strand, and a lot of the side stuff on GTA 4, so i like to think I've got a little bit of critical credibility. Maybe not.

From The Archive - The Witcher 2 Impressions

This article was first published on this very site on 1 Jul 2011. Sorry for the small pictures, back then I didn't know how to jpeg.

Impressions is where I write what I think about games I haven't completed yet. They won't always be bad games necessarily, but I'll try and analyse just what has stopped me from completing them.

So, The Witcher 2.

I take umbrage at The Witcher 2, but my problem is not with the game itself. You see, I was a true "direct" RPG player. Give me a Morrowind, Oblivion or a Vampire Bloodlines any day, but Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age or World of Warcraft I could never get used to. It was the controls, and as a consequence the "hands off" nature, as I saw it at least, of the gameplay that I could never get my head around. Put simply, I wanted to be the one doing stuff in the game, not my character.

From The Archive - Duke Nukem Forever Review

This article was first published on this very site on 25 Aug 2011. Sorry for the small pictures, back then I didn't know how to jpeg.

Let me tell you about a game my brother and I play occasionally. Inspired by a spoof advert we both saw in an old Viz magazine called "Jeremy Beadles landfill DVD's" one of us will try our best to find the worst possible, sub b-movie rubbish we can, which we then give to the other. The receiver then has to watch the film, whilst the giver has the satisfaction of knowing that they have effectively stolen two hours of their life.

Welcome To The Relaunch!


Thanks for checking out the site. Being the motivated self starter I claim to be on my CV, I started BulletFacePunch way back in 2011, wrote two articles for it and promptly never logged in again for the best part of 4 years.